10 Places your Business URL Should Be

There’s so many places where you can market your business that you can become blind to your business information. Meaning because you are constantly repeating your information every time to create a new profile or fill in a business form that you can easily forget to add some very important business information.

By missing out important information like your business URL you are effectively losing traffic. If you have put all the effort into adding your business information only to forget to add your business URL,  all that work was in vain. If people can not see your business url then they cannot visit your business = a lost customer.

 I am now going to share with you 10 places where your business url SHOULD be – click2tweet

1 On your Blog

Put your business link in your sidebar above the fold. Don’t be shy beef up that link with a image saying “click here for shop or check out my shop here”. Make it big, clear and add a call to action. Don’t just say ‘Shop’ that’s just a label. You have to TELL your readers what you want them to do and you want them to click to visit your shop.

As your blog you would think this is the most obvious place to put your business link, well you would be mistaken. I have been to blogs where there has been no links at all. I have also seen blogs where i had to hunt around to find the link. If I was a customer i would not be hunting around for anything. When you have placed your link on your blog ask a friend to get to your shop from your blog. Do they find your link or button straight away?

Quick tip: Make your link open in a new window. Here’s to do it click here..

2 Email Signature

As a business you must be sending at least 1 email a day right? Plus you have your personal email too. So you need to get your business url at the bottom of all your emails. Some times emails get forwarded to other people, all these people will get to see your business url and check out your shop and your blog. You do this by looking into your account settings or email settings.

3 Images

You are using a lot of images of your products, you may be pinning these on pinterests, flicker, other blogs, facebook etc.. You need to start putting your url on your images so it gets seen . Make it clear and big enough to read. You are losing out if you are not putting your url on your images especially if you are using pinterest. People are repining all the time, so by having your url on your image people can check out your shop without having to pin or click your image.

4 Social Media

- Twitter | Facebook Fan Page | Linkedin | Pinterest

I was not going to separate these because it depends on which ones you are using for your business. There are more than is listed here but these 4 are the main big boys. You need to put your business url in your profiles. Each one has a different way of displaying your information so let’s look at them in more detail.

With Twitter you have 2 opportunities to place a link, one in your description section and one which appears at the bottom of the description  Here you can use both places by using one for your business ie: shop url and the other for your blog [places 2 & 3 in the image], that’s killing 2 birds with one stone. I’m not really a bird killer just using the metaphor to get my point across. Please no bird killer demonstrations, i like birds really i do :).


With Facebook fan pages even though you can put your url in the about section, under the title Contact Info, no one will see it unless they click the about link. You don’t have control over whether they do this or not, so you can’t rely on this alone. So the next place to display your clickable business url is in the section which is just above the about link [see image 1].

How do you get a link or any information for that matter in this section. You simply click the about link [arrow A] and a information box will open [image 2].

You need to place your information including your business url in the section just under the heading About [arrow B].

To do this click link the edit button and another window opens under the heading Basic Information. You need to put your information and url in the space titled Short Description [arrow C], just type in your url and it will automatically become clickable. when done save changes.


With Linkedin you need to go to Account Settings > Profile > Edit Profile and fill in all your details including your business url. Try and share as much business information as possible on Linkedin. Its here you are going to be seen by retailers  wholesalers, if you want your products to get into store, magazines, etc.. there no better place to be than in Linkedin.

Moving on to Pinterest, here your url is displayed on the panel next to your profile image. To get your business url here [arrow A] click the pencil icon, which is the edit button. A information box will appear and you should put your url in the section website [arrow B].



5 Videos

If you are making videos on your products, may be you are creating slide shows, then your business url needs to be on there. Again like pinterest videos can get shared all over the place so just having your url in the video description box is not good enough.

6 Blog Comments

This can work boths ways, the way i would tackle this method of sharing your business url would to do the following. To share your shop url and your blog url 50 50. If you comment on 10 blogs 5 will have your shop url and 5 will have your blog url. This will allow you to get equal exposure to both places.

7 Business Cards

Well business cards without your business url serve no purpose. When sorting out your business cards proof read them a few times before mass printing. It only takes one tiny error in your url for it not to work. People have not got the time to figure out which letter or digit is wrong. Check, double check and then triple check :).

8 Post Cards | Flyers

Its a good idea to have a small batch of postcards or small flyers available for leaving about town. Sometimes you’ll want to change it up and not keep using your business cards. Plus with postcards, flyers you can get more on there design wise and place them in some great places, pin them to notice boards.

Plus its more relax mode when passing them out to people you meet, instead of always using your business cards. Your business url can be placed any where on these just make sure the text is a decent size, no squinting should be required. Plus place your url in a few places and on the back to.

9 Return Labels

You do have return labels on all your orders right? If no then you my dear are missing some sweet exposure, so get some labels. Again make sure your url is spelt correctly and big enough to be seen and read comfortably.

10 Letters

If you are still using the good ol snail mail method then you need to slap your business url on the envelopes you are using to send out letters in. You can write it on but you do want to be consistent with branding and you want it to still look professional. So print your url on the envelopes in advance so you don’t need to when the time comes to using them. You can use labels and stick then to the envelopes. Letters pass through many hands before it reaches its destination, let those eyes connected to those hands see your business url.

In the comments share one place you forgot to put your url?

B Passionate, B Focus, B Blessed

Janet xx

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Debbie (not Debra) Garrett
17/06/2013 12:40 pm

Thanks, Janet! Your tips are always very helpful!



Hi Ya Debbie,

How are you doing? Written any more books? I’m glad my tips are helping. Oh and how many doll have you collected now?

Blessings Janet

Trixie Bradley
19/07/2013 9:17 pm

well, I found out today how to put another URL into my facebook page on the “About’ section – properly!

Thank you!



Always here to serve your business needs. If you don’t know I will find the answers for you.
Glad the info helped :)

Blessings Janet


Thank you for these tips. I have now realized that I overlooked the most obvious place, including my business URL in my email correspondence. Thank you for the reminder. So glad I had the opportunity to read your article.


Hi Ya Rachel,

I’m glad my tips helped. Its easy to overlook elements in your business because you see it all day everyday. At least now you can fix what you had forgotten and get your business out there.

Blessings Janet

Julie Adams
20/08/2013 11:30 am

Thank you. My return address labels don’t have it on, and the labels I use for the customers address only has my logo, not much use without my URL! A few items added to my to do list, thank you!


Hi Julie

I’m glad it as helped you find those important places to display your url. Added to your to do list :) I have many of those too :)

Blessings Janet

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19/12/2013 10:15 am

[…] Check your profiles on all your social network platforms and make sure you have links to your sites. You would be surprised how many profiles i come across that i want to explore more and can’t because they do not display their site url. […]


Thanks for a great read, I had only just finished updated linkedin, and had to double check facebook, but it was great to have a simple list to refer to. Great work. I am just having trouble deciding on business cards, do I have BUSINESS cards with business URL and personal with personal blog or just put personal blog on business cards as I am selling on etsy. I really am confused.
Joy recently posted…Why I don’t struggle to price my items… and you shouldn’t either!My Profile


Hi Joy,

Thank you, I’m glad you could use what i shared. I like your reference of my post to a checklist.

About your business card dilemma, if your personal blog is for promoting your business then, have both urls on your business card. But if your personal blog is about something completely different keep it separate. Also make sure that if you link to your personal blog that you don’t share posts that are for your customers. The only reason i mentioned that is because of your post title shared with your comment.

Blessings Janet


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