Are your Product Images Turning Off Customers

Most images when taken to begin with are usually a little dull unless you have the lighting, backdrops equipment setup ready for every shot. However saying that even having these can still produce dull images if you don’t know how to use them effectively.

Using the brightness feature for all picture taking is something you forget to use.

Yet it could be the reason why customers are not buying your products.

You work so hard to get people to see your products, then when they arrive at your site your product images don’t say visualize me in your in your home. Instead they say look closer because I’m dull and you need to squint to see me. Ok that may be going a bit far but I have come across images that scream that.

I know I had to do something because as business owners your products is how you make your money. However you also know that images are your window to selling your products, but without the help, to make them better how can you even know they need to be better.

Many online marketplaces like Folksy, Etsy etc.. whose business it is to help support your business, know the importance of bright images. You need to make your image pop at your shop and on your blog because they are connected. You may say ” I am only showing my ideas, projects etc.. I don’t need to worry about having bright clear images”.


Every idea, project you decide to share is still representing you and your business. Wherever you are, so is your business, you never know where your next customer will come from. So following through with your images all the time can be time consuming but is a necessity if you want your products to be at there best all the time.

The transition from blog images to sale images should be seamless.

Brightening any image you use is not hard to do, especially today where there are many sites that offer the software for you to use for free. Gone are the days when you had to buy an expensive program to get this task done. Of course if you are working with images regularly it wouldn’t be a bad idea having a program to use from your own desktop. However it’s not a must and it’s definitely not an excuse to why you are not looking after your images.

The brightness Genie is an essential element to any image you take. Even professional photographers add a little extra, when they are done and they are the pros. Don’t let your products down by not doing this simple touch up, which will help towards making that sale.

The Brightness Genie is what every image needs. If are having trouble adding that extra shine to your images then my Brightness Genie Service is what you have been waiting for.

You take the images of your products and let me turn them from ordinary to wow. Let my Brightness Genies look after your images so all you need to do is concentrate on creating your products and taking those clear images of them.

Click here to read more about what the Brightness Genie Service can do for you.

B Passionate, B Focus, B Blessed

Janet xx

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